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Halon believes in the importance of understanding and being familiar with one’s own energy consumption patterns. Whether it would be to look at exploring alternative options for high usage periods, serving as an accurate record keeper to avoid over billing, or simply adjusting business procedures to achieve a more uniform consumption, Halon provides the necessary equipment and expertise to monitor your energy usage.

Through the use of an online platform, information regarding your power consumption can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world.


Energy efficiency forms the core of Halon’s services, and is the first step towards energy autonomy. Lighting is one of the more focused components in achieving energy efficiency – a restructuring of a business’ lighting infrastructure can in itself result in over 75% reduction in energy consumption.

Halon offers a wide variety of LED or Induction products to suit your needs. Please contact us for a free audit and bespoke energy efficient lighting design for your business.



Need a dialux design and assessment for your building upgrade or new build? Halon offers detailed lighting designs for your project. Contact us today for a quote.