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Camps Bay High School

Halon Energy completed the electrical side of the new and improved seminar room for Campsbay High, installing dimmable LED panels and a range of downlighters.

Neopak Cape Town

Halon Energy completed a large scale energy savings initiative at Neopak Cape Town, replacing all fluorescent tubes with LEDs, upgrade all security lighting as well as increasing Lux levels in specific areas. The project resulted in a monthly savings of approximately R47 000 per month.

Neopak Port Elizabeth

Halon Energy completed a large scale energy saving initiative at Neopak Port Elizabeth. The project resulted in: -Average lux level increase of 74% -Monthly Savings of R45 000 -85% Lighting kWh reduction.

Simba Pepsico JHB/CPT

Halon Energy has completed a variety of lighting upgrades at Simba CT and Simba JHB. The installations are on going.

Truda Snacks Pietermaritsburg

Halon Energy supplied 90W Helios LED highbay for completion of works at Truda snacks for their new buildings. Halon also replaced old poor quality LED highbays with our flagship 90W helios with fantastic results.

SPAR Vangate & Khayelitsha

Halon Energy has completed lighting upgrades at Vangate and Khayelitsha Super SPAR’s, both of with enjoyed significant lux level increases and large energy savings.