Solar PV Generation

Solar generation has become the fastest-growing source of renewable energy worldwide. Harnessing energy from the sun to power a global shortfall in energy is widely recognised as the future of power security and generation. In Southern Africa there are growing energy concerns which are felt country-wide and threaten businesses and farms. The energy cuts and blackouts are not only crippling existing companies and their production lines, but are severely hampering future economic growth and development. Halon seeks to promote the growth and support of sustainable, clean and efficient power through Solar PV generation.

The global growth in the demand for Solar Power has been spurred on by the rapid development of solar technologies world-wide. This development of Solar technology has come a long way in the last 5 years and has made the potential of solar not only more effective, but more affordable. An increase in affordability and efficiency serves as the foundation for the potential of power security in Southern Africa. Halon not only has close ties to manufacturers, both local and foreign, but also has the skill and expertise to design special systems suited to your specific consumption needs. Reliability, power security and constant client support form the basis of our pledge to our partners.

The Process

Once energy consumption is reduced, the design begins. Our experienced designers conduct an energy metering process to evaluate consumption loads to identify the amount of power (kW) your site requires. From this point, our consultants go back to the drawing board to design and orientate the Solar PV system specific to your site and consumption loads. We design on a client-context basis where affordability and load necessity are crucial. If you can’t afford or don’t want to go the full step now, that is fine. We will help you discover the perfect design for you. From here, we can continue the installation process over time and move you closer and closer to energy independence.